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Fans Feedback
Husbands is a great way to bring back sitcom classic features in a brand new, original and relevant way. -- Mari Munhoz.
Husband's an amazing, hilarious, well-played and groundbreaking show and I'd really love to watch it on TV. To be honest we are tired of these cheesy, so-called funny shows that are currently on TV and I believe It's time to give some credit to series, like Husbands, that deserve it. Hope it'll happen soon. Thanks! Fermesk
This is a great show that portrays issues that occur in many relationships, but does so in a fresh, humorous way. I'd love to be able to watch this show on TV and share it with family and friends.
This is a Must have on Today's TV.Fun and Funny.we need more laughter and less Crime on TV, ~Audrey Wilmot~
I re-watch this show more than any on my DVR. It's funny, moving, slick and TV-ready. I'd love to see it on my TV, it's fantastic! -@Smiffyjax
This amazing series is fresh, modern, fantastically scripted and acted - I don't think I've laughed so much in years - and yet at the same time they bring modern issues to the forefront in a way that's accessible to all. A gem of a series that really needs to be on our TV screens NOW! Thank you. -Dawn xxx
This hilarious, charming and groundbreaking show NEEDS to be on the air. Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon are so adorable together, they are a delight to watch. Please make it happen! -@winchestersJ2 on twitter
I love the delightful actors, clever writers, heartwarming characters. What's not to love?
Three words: Bradley C. Bell. On my TV. Yes.
Would LOVE to see Husbands on my TV! I've been checking out new(to me) sitcoms lately, and haven't seen one that I like as much as Husbands. Warmth, wit, intelligence...I wish there were more episodes NOW, and I'd love to see it on television! -Hoopla
Husbands is funny, smart, and a groundbreaking series. It should be on TV!- Fruitfly002
Husbands is one of the funniest and smartest shows I have ever seen. The writing is so witty and rapid fire with such relate-able characters that I am immediately sucked in every time I watch it. I have loved it from the beginning and I continue sharing it with people I know so they can see how fabulous it is as well. My only complaint is that there isn't more of it. -Alicia James
Is this a joke? Of course they should be on TV!! They've already infected the web and comic worlds - it's the next logical step. Husbands has a following around the world that feverishly supports them and recruits more fans into our tribe. They will be on TV, it's just a matter of when and who with. This is your time CW! Make it happen! - ryanalysis
I get more laughs from an eight minute segment of Husbands than from a whole half-hour of most sitcoms! I would love to see Cheeks and Brady on my high-def big screen! --Beth Wilson--
First - Congrats to Brad Bell and Jane Espenson on their nominations for the Writers Guild awards!!! Now it's a surprise to very few in the "Husbands" fandom that I am... well, an fan of the show and the cast. A series this good deserves the four years of recommending and haha... "pimping" that its fans have devoted to its future. The CW Network / CW Seed have a WINNER on their hands. Smart, hilarious, endearing, romantic and MEMORABLE = "Husbands" is THE show I want to see most on my broadcast tv. Season 4 has to happen. There is way too much going for this show, its creators and its cast for the show to end now. The fans from all over the world are asking for more. It deserves the consideration and the opportunity. It is my hope that our calls will be heard. - @xof1013
I want Husbands on my TV because I'm tired of lame, laugh-track comedy. I'm tired of over-caricatured characters. Husbands is actually funny. The characters are multi-dimensional. Most of all I love the tender moments & honest affection between Cheeks & Brady. There are so many plot opportunities to explore. Please let us see them on our televisions each week. -sheriberrybim
Yes I would LOVE to have Husbands on my tv!!!!!!!!!! It's a great production and it's past time we saw a show like it on network tv. Thanks!! ~Sharon @sastenio on Twitter
I love this show. Doesn't matter how many times I watch it, I laugh each time. The show is witty, smart and enjoyable. A show with a meaning, but one that not shoving it down your throat. I hope to see more. -cgriffin16
I want Husbands on my TV every week....100 times better than any of the other Partner shows. -Kathleen Stoughton-Trahan
this is the face of the new generation. it needs to be on TV - casey270
I absolutely love this show!!! It would be so awesome to be able to watch it on my TV screen rather than my laptop screen!! -Heather
This show is amazing. Please prime time it up! -Commarrah Jewelia Bashar
PLEASE bring Husbands to CW's mainstream network. It is the 1 show in decades that has had me GLUED to the screen when it broadcasts. MORE episodes ASAP, please! - Kristina Kopnisky
I love Husbands. It's already must see tv for me. I just need it to be on my tv! -@willow27
I just agree in every posible way on what you said. This shows just calms me down in a way and tells me that it is going to be ok and some day I will have the life Cheeks and Brady have (not exactly the same life but you know what I mean lol). As a gay teen my self I can just say that it's hard just having something to say and not beeing able to because "It's not right", so as I said this show, and shows like this tell me that it will be fine. -zasol03
I love these characters, and find myself feeling invested in their existence. The people behind the characters (writers/actors/directors) all appear to be truly lovely people. The type of people I hope to someday meet and surround myself with. As a gay teen living in circumstances that can sometimes make each day hard to face, this show inspires me to face each day, and move toward my personal dreams. -Jarrett Moreau
Love this series...I wish it was a complete TV show -viv861982
This should be on tv. It's so amazing -SoccerwakeboardingQu
This needs to go on a TV Station world wide. Excellent job. -DJ Kanne
I'm not gay but to be honest, it ain't even about being gay when you watch this series, it's about recognizing that there's a series that deserves to be seen, by everyone. -Edwin Vasquez
Let it go on TV! Please! -AtTheEnd1000
I need this to be a tv show with real promotion. Neeeeed. -sr4am18
Congrats! HUSBANDS is fantastic! So smart and funny and sweet. I loved it, shared it, and hope it ends up on my TV! Xoxo -MishaRW
This is adorable. This needs to be a TV series, I might watch TV then! I love Husbands <3 -olgap35
What can we do to help this become a real TV show? -emstarkitty
I wanted to keep watching, I want to sit down and watch a 30 minute episode, I was ready to commit to spending hours watching these characters! Thanks for the giggles. Hats off to you! -jorg252
Cheeks is my role model! I have watched this show again and again. I'm a transgender man and my boyfriend sometimes tells me he thinks I'm not really a man because I don't "act like a man" all the time, because I am too feminine. -ArtIsMyEndorphins byDrew
Love Husbands so much! They're so cute together. The episodes are amazing, I need them longer/on my tv!! <3 -Angie Reed
I'd love to see Husbands on TV screen in a very close future !! -The Ozdust Channel
I so love Husbands. Wish it was a TV sitcom! -edi5289
I actually love this. I hope this goes on tv. -scottmcleaan
Please please PLEASE turn this into a television series! It's absolutely hilarious and inspirational: what more could you ask for? -robyn33100
There is seriously more comedy gold packed in these episodes than I've ever seen. When am I going to see this on my TV? -Artistsupporter
This whole series just cracks me up! I vote for a TV series!!!! -reubensrose
I keep thinking you can't top the last one, and every time you do. Amazing show. Can't wait until this is a tv show and I can order the first season dvd boxset on Amazon. -lolacola
My TV needs this! :3 -ilovehawaian
THIS SHOULD BE ON TV ! It would make me watch that shit. -huhwtf88
this series needs to go on TV. -nj4ck
Get this show on TV!!! Damn it!!! -Logan Gray
WHY IS THIS NOT ON MY TV?! -inuchan1992
LOVE IT! this has to be on TV! -MusicFreak6893
I REALLY hope this series goes all the way to main stream. It's very clever & funny and has a new & refreshing point of view. GO CHEEKS! -TR Williams
Damn, this needs to be on tv. Too hilarious. -Joey Saad
You guys are comedy gold! Perfect timing and spot on humor. I LOVE Husbands!!! Sending good thoughts out for some network to pick this up. It HAS to happen!!! Cheeks is already America's sweetheart, but some just don't know it yet! <3333 -moondance7777
This is too frickin' adorable. I need 30 minutes of this in a row. -lifeonwry
Both Cheeks and Sean have great comic timing and such expressive faces that add so much to the dialogue. I love it! This HAS to be continued as a TV series!! Like Cheeks says: "It's comedy gold!" -Jennifer Robertson
go cheeks go! OMG - HILARIOUS! This would make an awesome TV sitcom. I work at nielsen and I'm going to share this link with my best contacts. -Sister Skillet
I agree with those who say this needs to be a TV series. Longer episodes! Love it - want more! -edi5289
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! The only way it could be better would be if the episodes were longer, and on my TV!! <3 -Angie Reed
This needs to be a TV series. It's BRILLIANT. -olgap35
Oh my god, Husbands needs to be a show on TV!!!! Cheeks, you are amazing!!!! -Ephyne
Husbands HAS to end up on my TV! -waltonhelm
this NEEDS to be on my TV like right NOW! -TheHildeMaire
Love it! Get Husbands on my tv! -TheIrrylath
Husbands has to end up on TV!! -Taysha Davis
Like, this TOTALLY needs to end up on my TV For Sure! -Cecy Z
This is SO a sitcom for television. Fantastic. -Iclabon72
I absolutely LOVE this! I def needs to be on my tv!! -Carol G.
I was alternately grinning and laughing out loud all the way through! Sending positive energy to the universe that Husbands will end up on TV! -murly1054
Awesome! Husbands really needs to be on TV. :) -CaribbeanPirat
Husbands is amazing!!! Everyone involved in this is incredibly talented. I would LOVE to see this as a TV series! -scottd33
I was in the market for a new fave TV show...and I found it!! This needs to be on my TV so I can buy all the seasons on DVD!! -laurelflower
Love it and need more! Cheeks would look so CUTE on my big flat screen! -wing560
PUT HUSBANDS ON TV NOW! America is READY!!! It fits so perfectly with the new civil rights movement going on right now. The music industry is flooded with new "equality" artists and TV deserves the same attention. I support equality in the name of love for everyone including myself. Even though I'm not gay, I would watch this show because it's HOT, it's FUNNY, and it's NOW. I don't want to raise my son in a world without equality for everyone! -Sister Skillet
I wish this show was on TV. -TheAndyinSeattle
Put this on my tv... NOW. -babaloostarz
Um, hey Cheeks, Brad. My TV is lonely. It needs this on it, please. -horsegerbil
What I love most about Husbands is they get betterer and better from episode to episode.... and they made me laugh and also touched me with each episode. I would love to have this on my tv every week!! -OMGoodnessMe
Ok you people, come on... I have loved every second of this, why haven't you made a TV series of it already. I am young, wealthy, educated and have a good job - I am exactly the kind of person ad people want to sell stuff to. Bring it on, I'd watch this religiously and so would all of my friends, straight and gay. -EauNoire